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Open Positions

We are un-disciplined* scientists.

*Un-disciplined (ən-ˈdi-sə-plənd): a scientist who is skilled in the craft of moving across disciplines in order to solve problems without a slight compromise on rigor.

Company Culture

In data we trust

At Eleven Tx, we are guided by the philosophy of the famous E. Deming quote "In God we trust; all others must bring data". We aim to build platforms and processes that will inform our drug development, using the power of data rather than gut feelings or a process of trial and error.

Distributed innovation

In order to achieve our mission, we need to engage the best and brightest minds in multiple disciplines. Recognizing that talent is distributed across geographies and cultures, we promote and embrace remote work whenever possible, enabling us to form a world-class team.

We come one, we come all

Scientists are familiar with complex problems, but complex problems are unfamiliar with scientists. They do not know your department, your training background, or the name of your degree. They just want to be solved. We aim to work with people who can communicate across disciplines to solve complex problems, together.

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