We are Eleven Tx

Unleashing the power of RNA to create precise, durable therapeutics.

Our Story

We are a cross-disciplinary group of entrepreneur-scientists that came together in 2020 to usher in the next generation of RNA technologies. Coming from leading academic institutions, well-established pharma companies, and high-stress military environments, we share the single goal of creating scalable processes to program RNA therapies, focusing initially on treating respiratory diseases.

Setting up three collaborative hubs  - in Cambridge, UK; Boston, U.S.; and Tel Aviv, Israel - we have tapped into some of the world’s top talent pools. In addition, we are partnering with leading institutions, including the Vaccine Research Center at the NIAID, Cambridge University, Twist Biosciences, and Biotage.

Our Mission

We are living through a biological revolution. The past decade has witnessed the advent of massively-parallel synthesis of DNA, high-throughput sequencing, genomic discoveries, and machine learning.

Yet, the development of therapies typically relies on a slow process of trial and error.
At Eleven Tx, we orchestrate these technologies into highly-efficient processes for mapping the vast combinatorial space of potential RNA molecules, and precisely program the next generation of RNA therapeutics. Capitalizing on these capabilities, we create tailor-made therapeutics that precisely silence disease-causing genes, treating the root cause of illnesses in humans.

Meet the

Dr. Adi Naamati

Senior Scientist

Dr. Omer Ziv

Director of RNA Biology

Dr. Ilaria Falciatori

Senior Scientist

Dr. Ohad Yogev

UK Site Lead & Director of Cellular Biology

Dr. Arun Tanpure

Director of Nucleic Acid Chemistry

Roei Pinhas (CPA)

Director of Finance

Sabrina Terranova

UK - Lab manager

Dr. Omer Weissbrod

VP Comp-bio & AI

Dr. Liv Austenaa

Senior Scientist

Dr. Andrej Alendar

Senior Scientist

Dr. Charis Kampyli


Dr. Andrew Best

Senior Scientist

Era Duek

VP of Research Operations

Dr. Agnès Tyburn

Senior Nucleic Acid Chemist

Dr. James Murphy


Dr. Owen Cox

Senior Nucleic Acid Chemist

Dr. Yateen Patel

In-vivo Scientist

Shoval Tirman

Senior Data Scientist

Dr. Anaïs Depaix

Senior Nucleic Acid Chemist

Clara Rodriguez


Mikaela Wilkes


André Xavier


Inês Martins Tomas


Miri Shiradski

Analytical Chemist