Introducing xRNA

The next generation of RNA therapeutics

Harnessing the power of synthetic chemistry and AI to reimagine mRNA therapeutics


A digital molecule - a digital design

Utilising massively parallel combinatorial chemistry and AI algorithms to unleash the full power of RNA

RNA therapeutics are an emerging class of modalities that act in a software-like manner. These molecules are by nature digital, discrete, and highly specific. Their chemical topology naturally lends itself to combinatorial searches and AI algorithms, which become particularly powerful and predictive when combined with cost-effective DNA synthesis and sequencing technologies.

Mapping the universe of RNA chemistry

The chemical space of RNA molecules is vast. We cut through it using the force of AI.

Our platform leverages massively-parallel processes to map the chemical space and reveal the structure-activity relationship (SAR) of RNA molecules. Employing big data, we optimize every component of RNA molecules, including their safety, efficiency, and duration of effect.

Working with the best

We appreciate the interest that our valued partners and funders have found in our technologies.